Created in the Dutch town of Gouda 200 years ago, this treat is an irresistible nutrition option for athletes around the globe. The portability, sweetness, and high-carb content of Bollox’ Dutch Style Caramel Waffle - or Stroopwaffle - make it a popular kind of sports nutrition among endurance athletes. Not only endurance athletes have embraced the stroopwaffle. Also sport teams striving to optimize athlete wellness, have added the Stroopwaffle to their locker room collection of performance-based goodies.

No frills. Just energy.

Bollox is a low-cost energy gel that reflects the no-nonsense, winning mindset of international triathlon phenomenon Chris ‘Macca’ McCormack. Macca has co-created his own energy gel business offering a no-frills, affordable source of energy on-the-go, delivered to the athlete’s doorstep. Wrapped in a bright yellow package and available in simply one fruity cherry flavor, Bollox is both powerful and down-to-earth, just like co-founder Chris ‘Macca’ McCormack.

Why Bollox Energy Gel?

Bollox is a home-delivered, no frills energy gel with 100 calories for half the money you spend on established brands. With the performance benefits of usual gels and our unique and tasty cherry flavor you get all the benefits at small costs.

Open Bollox Energy Box and Icons about Product Highlights


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