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Our Bollox Ambassador Program is open to all athletes! Whether you’re active in clubs, coaching, competitions or just exercising to stay in shape. Whether you wish to get affordable energy for yourself, your running mates or cycling buddies, we’re here for you! The Bollox Ambassador Program is designed for ass-kickin’ athletes who identify themselves with our brand and love to put themselves out there with our swag. Interested? Send us a message at Below you find our Bollox Ambassador athletes presenting themselves with their personal stories.

Ordering Bollox through our ambassadors using their discount code means you’ll enjoy a 10% discount on the purchase price. Just click on the ‘contact’ buttons to get in touch!


Tevis Ong

In my younger days I loved my sport - basketball, badminton, golf and some swimming, but never cycled or ran. I started my revolution into triathlon in 2012 not knowing what I was getting into. Running and Cycling did not come easy because of my weight. But since then, I have completed more than 15 70.3 distance races and my maiden ironman in 2013. My efforts paid off when I qualified for the IM 70.3 World Championships 2015 and Challenge The Championship in 2017. I have no plans on slowing down as I continue to aim higher and motivate my peers.


Leonie Verstegen

In a distant past I was Human Resources advisor but after 10 years since 2006 I have been involved in sports on a full-time basis. I first learned to develop my own athletic capabilities, with my greatest experience being the Ironman triathlon World Championship in Kona, Hawaii in 2014. Now I am working every day on developing the talents of other people. With my own company Leonie Sports & Performances I provide company presentations, in-company sports training and I coach private athletes. I very much enjoy helping to cultivate talents of company employees and at the same time I find it satisfying to help individual athletes to reach their personal goals. It is exactly this combination that makes coaching and training so interesting for me. Of course I continue to push my own athletic boundaries and I just love racing long distance triathlons on all continents.

United Kingdom

Roman Janda

I am a lifetime athlete, Ironman and triathlon enthusiast. I am highly motivated by the best in the world but most motivation I get from my family and friends as me being their motivation. I am living my dream, have goals in life and if I really want something, will get it. Never giving up, hit the ground many times but important is to get back up...


Todd Gilmore

At the age of 33 I was an out of shape corporate employee. Weighing in at 92 kg, I decided to make a change to my lifestyle. A healthy exercise habit resulted in weight loss, but with no challenges to test the fitness. The gym routine became boring. In 2009 I did my first Triathlon and I was hooked. Now I’m a 12 time Ironman, 24 time 70.3 and multiple shorter distance event finisher. I have competed in the 2013 & 2017 IM 70.3 World Championships and the 2016, 2017 and 2018 Hawaii Kona Ironman World Championships. In 2016 I started the Endurance Academy. The Endurance Academy offers a variety of solutions to fit people’s budget, time requirements and coaching needs. Guidance on nutrition for daily training and racing is a part of each program.

Marcel Lennartz

I am IRONMAN Certified Coach, triathlete and ultra-runner who has been living in Vietnam for more than 21 years. After being inactive for several years wherein I rapidly gained weight, I got back into sports to become one of the first triathletes in Vietnam. I joined the newly formed ‘Runclub’ about 3 years ago and not much later I took over the organization and the club has significantly grown ever since. Having caught the ‘endurance sports virus’ I became Race Director/Course Manager for a Hong Kong based sports event company and was judge for the Asia’s Sports Industry Awards in 2017. The Vietnamese running, and triathlete community is booming and I am proud to contribute and be part of this movement. Along with the rise of the number of events, the demand for sports nutrition is rapidly increasing. I am convinced that Bollox Energy Gel, with its No Frills Low Cost approach, is the perfect product for the Vietnamese market.